You, the membership of OUUC, will decide if we should sell the old house to the North of the OUUC property, commonly known as “The Annex” or “B & G Annex” at a Special Congregation meeting to be held on Friday, October 20, 7:00 PM at OUUC. (A Sweet and Savory Pot Luck to be first, at 6:30 PM)

In early 2017, Rev. Carol McKinley, OUUC’s Faith in Action minister, convened a task force to study the future of the annex building. That task force was charged with reviewing all possible options for the future of the annex, in consideration of the needs of OUUC as a whole. The Board added that the task force recommendations needed to be fiscally responsible and consistent with the congregation’s Ends.

Based on input from the membership, extensive study of options for selling and its sense of fiduciary duty, your Board of Trustees is recommending the sale of the building AS IS.

PRO – Reasons to sell the Annex:

  • The congregation voted in an advisory ballot, overwhelmingly, to sell the annex (with or without the building demolished).
  • “Out of the Woods” dissolved and is no longer using the building. It is vacant.
  • The cost to the church to maintain the vacant building is $5000 per year,
  • The foundation of the building must be repaired. Cost of this is around $30,000.
  • The building is an old house that needs a lot of work, besides the foundation.
  • Volunteer time used to support the annex could be used for other purposes.
  • The estimated sale price is about $125,000. Of that, the church will net about $100,000.
  • Leaving the building boarded up is a liability issue due to possible squatters, who have moved in previously. The building was broken into sometime around September 10, 2017 and things were stolen.


 CON – Reasons to not sell:

  • The advisory ballot vote was not statistically valid.
  • The Annex served to unite the members in a social justice cause. It could do that again.
  • Selling eliminates all future options and may result in undesirable neighbors.
  • Selling does not guarantee unauthorized/illegal activity from happening.
  • We could: remove the house and return the land in its natural state. A Green initiative.
    • OR Fix the house and rent it out, then use that money to advance our Mission.
    • OR Donate it to a social justice, housing or community service organization.
    • OR Hold it for future OUUC building or parking expansion needs.
  • OUUC leadership and direction is currently uncertain. This is not the time to make a major financial decision.
  • A congregational discussion is required to explore all potential uses of the annex property.


No decision will be made regarding future use of the money until after the sale AND until the transparent and accountable discussion about how to use the money from the sale. Input from members, the minister, and the finance committee will be evaluated and considered.


We hope you will participate in this important decision! If you have questions, please contact board members Don Melnick or John Tafejian or Building and Grounds Chair Jerald Dodson. Members of the board will be present this coming Sunday between services to answer questions. Look for their table. Contact members.