Here is most recent information about the OUUC Annex property.

Congregation members were invited to attend one of three informational meetings about options for the annex property that were held in May. Options document: Options for Annex 5-12-17. Pros and Cons of each option were discussed by those in attendance. At the close of each meeting, attendees were asked to rank their preferences on an advisory ballot. The ballots also allowed space for comments by each voter. The main purpose for the advisory ballot was to give the board and members a sense of congregational preferences in regard to the future of the annex property. The tally of the advisory ballots, vote summary and comments: Annex Ballot-5 Tally – Vote Summary & Notes written on Annex Advisory Ballots

The board is currently proceeding with the next stage of investigation regarding the viability of sale of the annex property, both with or without the building. These two options received a majority of first and second choice ballot rankings. Representatives of both the board and the Building and Grounds Committee are working on this phase of exploration. The team includes  Jerald Dodson, Don Melnick, and John Tafejian. Written updates and visits to the annex building and property will be made available to the congregation by the team during this exploratory process.

When the possible sale of the property has been thoroughly explored, a report will be made available to all, both in paper copy and online through the Wednesday e-newsletter. In addition to gathered information, the report will also include the task force’s recommendation to the board of trustees.

In the event that the recommendation of the task force is to place the annex property (without or without the building) on the market for sale,  several additional steps will then be necessary. Initially, the board will need to accept and approve the task force’s recommendation. Should the board approve the recommendation to sell the property, the board will call for and publicize a congregational meeting for a vote prior to placing the annex property on the market for sale.  OUUC bylaws require a vote of the congregation for “buying,  selling, mortgaging or conveying real property of the Congregation that is worth more than 10 percent of the annual budget.” (OUUC Bylaws, Section 5, Board of Trustees)

Members with questions or comments are encouraged to speak with members of the annex team and with any members of your board of trustees. The board sends its thanks to everyone who has devoted innumerable hours to the annex project to date. Check out future Wednesday e-newsletter updates for further information.