The Board of Trustees met this past Monday to consider the report of the Annex Subcommittee comprised of Jerald Dodson, Building and Grounds Chair, and board members Don Melnick and John Tafejian.

The Subcommittee was charged with investigating the feasibility of selling the annex and submitted a draft report to the board with their findings and recommendation to sell the property. They consulted with realtors, had the septic system assessed (it’s OK), had the lot surveyed and gotten estimates on what it would take to make the building habitable.

Since completing the draft report, several issues surfaced that need further exploration – researching the title on our wooded lot between the properties to see if we have an easement issue, checking the extent to which the septic drain field encroaches on the lot just to the north of the annex, seeking legal counsel and getting an additional real estate market assessment. As a result, the board deferred making a decision on whether or not to forward a sale recommendation to the congregation for consideration at a specially called meeting. The issue will be taken up again at the board’s regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, August 10 at 7:00 pm. If the decision is made by the board to recommend the sale of the property, we will call a congregational meeting on the issue in September when more members are likely to be in town and can weigh in on the issue. One realtor did not feel the delay in the vote would adversely impact our sales prospects. Once the subcommittee report is finalized, it will be shared with the congregation. If you have questions, comments, please check in with one of the subcommittee members or a board member.

– Linda Selsor