What’s happening with the trees around our parking lot?

During the parking lot expansion, there was a lot of concern about maintaining as many of our beautiful trees as possible so we want to keep you posted what’s happening with them. Last spring, we found that two big trees had died near the bus stop of Division St and we had them removed. We found a small dead tree next to the stairs to the lower parking lot so we had the top cut off and left the rest standing as a wildlife tree. More recently, we found several small dead or dying trees at the edge of the patch of woods below the sanctuary and had them topped. There were also several dead or dying trees in the narrow planting strip on the south side of the parking lot that we had taken out. All this work has been done in consultation with an arborist, Michael Moore. We don’t want to remove any more trees than necessary.

We also asked Michael to look at some big trees between the parking lot and Division St. He told us that several of them might have been damaged by the parking lot construction and a couple of them now look like they might be in trouble. Michael will look at them next summer during the growing season to determine if they really are dying. We will be planting young trees in that area to take the place of any that have to come down.

Due to the drought last summer, we also lost several arbor vitae trees on the south side of the upper parking lot. We’ll be considering whether to replace them as well as what to do with the failing fence along that property line.

We can always use more heads to help us think about how to take care of our building and grounds and hands to help with the many projects – including weeding and planting outdoors and fixing broken things in the building. If you have any interest in being a member of our committee or just being on call for special projects, please let us know. Or, if you have any questions about the building or grounds, let us know.

Happy holidays

Steve Tilley, Chair, Building and Grounds Committee

Rob Radford, Grounds project leader