Despite her plane’s arriving three hours late last Friday afternoon, Laura Park walked into OUUC at 6:40 pm and began the Capturing Our Ends workshop without skipping a beat. And we ended right on time. Thanks to the 75 of you who came, immersed yourselves in the process, and offered so much insight into who we are and what our Ends should be. The Board has been working steadily this year to revive OUUC’s efforts to move to policy governance. Efforts which seriously began in 2010-2011. Articulating our congregation’s End statements will provide the tipping point from learning and talking about policy governance to actually enacting it. Policy governance has been called VISION GOVERNANCE. And our Ends statements about what difference we want to make in the world and for whom are the lynch pin of policy governance.

Once we know what we want to accomplish, or said another way, how we want to organize our love, the rest will follow. That is, we will know what we want the minister to do, how we will want our budget and staff time allocated, what projects we will commit to, and how our ministries should be organized to accomplish our Ends.

We are well on our way to making this happen. The Board would like to have most of the work done before the new settled minister comes. The next step is for the Board to use the data generated by you to articulate OUUC’s values, mission, and ends. Then we will give you the drafts of what we have done (in written form and during some meetings) to see if we have discerned what you see as the essence of who we are and our work for the future. We will then use your input to hone our statements.

At the same time, the Board will also be revisiting our Board policies, beginning during our March Board meeting. End statements are one of four kinds of policies that comprise policy governance. The others are executive limitations, governance process and board-management delegation. The Board will be revamping our policies to be consistent with policy governance. We will also review the By-laws to see if any changes are needed. If so, the Board will inform the congregation with proposals for those changes. The congregation has to approve any By-law changes.

So thank you, thank you, thank you from the Board for your crucial work in capturing our values and crafting our mission and ends. We will keep you informed as our process evolves.

Mary Anne Trause
President, OUUC Board