Calling All Members!

Members of the Board, Leadership Development Committee (LDC), and the Transition Team have been busy calling members of the congregation to get your input on the qualities needed in members of the Search Team for finding our new settled minister. We are also asking you to identify members of the congregation you think embrace these qualities and would serve us well in that process.

We plan to complete the calls by February 15th. Some of us got a late start due to vacations and other commitments. We are winding up the work. If you haven’t received a call or e-mail yet, let a member of one of the committees know and we’ll make sure you get a call. If we’ve already left a couple of phone messages and an e-mail, we will not keep trying—that seems like a good faith effort. So please call us back if you haven’t yet.


In the process, some questions have come up that need clarification. The first is around who can and cannot serve on the Search Team. The guidelines we operate under indicate that spouses or partners of members of the Board, LDC and the Transition Team cannot serve on the search team. That does not mean they cannot be considered for membership. They can and should be nominated if you think they’d be best for the job. Their subsequent membership on the Search Team would require that their spouse or partner (the sitting member of the Board, Leadership Development Team or Transition Team) resign from the position for the duration of the search process.

There was also a question about how we divvied up member names among callers. An alphabetical list of members was prepared along with contact information from the membership directory and handed out at a joint meeting of the Board, LDC and Transition Team; each caller took a page. We tracked who took each page.

Next Steps

The Board, LDC and Transition Team will meet after the 15th to review the lists and gather feedback and insights from calls. A subgroup will be formed to identify the top candidates who most closely line up with the criteria for membership, diversity, and balance needed to best represent our congregation. Likely candidates will receive a call, an application, job description, and memorandum. In March applications for those with continued interest will be reviewed, a slate selected, confirmed in a conversation with the member and presented to the board for a vote at its April meeting.

Finally, thanks to all of you that have “answered the call” and spent time in thoughtful and heartfelt reflection with us. We’ve had some amazing conversations and gotten great insights and feedback along the way that will help guide the selection process for our Search Team members.

If you have questions, please contact a member of the Board, LDC or Transition Team.

Linda Selsor, President