Sara has recently been invited to participate in an exciting project with the Fahs Collaborative, a “laboratory that brings people together to explore and create innovative ways to deepen faith through  educational encounters.” Among other things, the Fahs collaborative selects and brings together a minister, a director of religious education, a musician and a visual artist to create an innovative worship service that they make available to all congregations free of charge. Sara has been chosen as this year’s Religious Education participant for this collaboration. The project will be completed this spring, and we’ll set aside a Sunday in the summer to use the materials they’ve created.

But that’s not all. Since she became a Master’s Credentialed Religious Educator, Sara has taken on a large number of roles and projects in the wider UU world, including

  • participating in the invitational UUA Faith Development Office’s Innovators’ Roundtable last April
  • mentoring other religious educators who are going through the credentialing program, and other directors of religious education in the Pacific Northwest District
  • serving as observer for the Religious Education Credentialing Committee’s credentialing interviews in Boston last year
  • receiving training and facilitating Renaissance Modules (2-3 day, in-depth educational modules that religious educators (and sometimes others) take as part of their training
  • serving as Vice President of the Board of the Pacific Northwest District of LREDA (the Liberal Religious Educators’ Association)
  • serving on the 21st Century Fund Committee for Continental LREDA, which provides grants for innovative new ways of doing faith formation that stand to benefit the larger movement
  • serving on the planning team for the Annual Continental LREDA Conference this year
  • co-leading a workshop at General Assembly in Portland last summer, and developing and idea from that workshop that was subsequently featured in the Family Pages of “The World” magazine.
  • co-leading Professional Days for district directors of religious education last year
  • speaking at our Pacific Northwest District Annual Assembly this year

It is one of the privileges and responsibilities of congregations in our association to ensure that their religious professionals have adequate time and support to contribute to Unitarian Universalism beyond the congregation’s walls. So congratulations to OUUC, too, for the contributions it makes to Unitarian Universalism through Sara’s work with other religious educators, the UUA, the Pacific Northwest District, the Fahs Collaborative, the Liberal Religious Educator’s Association, and beyond. We are so proud of you, Sara!