My dear friends,

I can’t believe how quickly the two and a half years since I moved to Boston have gone! I finished my Master of Divinity coursework in January and I’m so happy to tell you that I will be ordained on May 20th at First Church Boston, where I serve as a ministerial intern.

Ordination is a beautiful sacrament in Unitarian Universalism. It takes our theology of covenant and our polity and manifests it in how a person becomes or is declared to be a minister.

In Unitarian Universalism, only a congregation can ordain someone. This differs from many Christian denominations and other religions where another minister, priest, rabbi, etc performs the sacrament of ordination. As Unitarian Universalists, we place authority for ordaining someone as a minister in the covenant community – the congregation. This recognizes the interdependence of ministers and congregations.

I’m delighted that my internship congregation, which has been so integral to my formation as a minister, will be ordaining me. And I’m equally delighted that OUUC’s sewing ministry is making my ordination stole and that Rev. Carol McKinley will be coming to Boston to participate in my ordination. I am honored to be held in such loving care and community.

Any OUUC members or friends are most welcome to join us in Boston for my ordination on May 20th! If you are interested in making the trek out here, please let Rev. Eric Posa and me know. Eric and I will also be looking at ways that OUUC might be able to join in this occasion remotely.


Blessed be,