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Our Program for Children and Youth:

We welcome Children and Youth into our community and have a variety of programs for them.  For the latest schedules or information, feel free to contact our Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Sara Lewis, at dre@ouuc.org

Our Philosophy of Religious Education

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that the central religious act is to freely choose what to think and believe, and that this is best done in a loving community. The Religious Education Program is designed to give children and youth the tools and education they need to make their choices, make spiritual connections, build a community, and enrich our world. We seek to create a safe and loving community that appreciates diversity and is a place to have deep conversations in a culture of open hearts and minds.

Our program is organized around four goals:

  1. Have an understanding of what it is to be a Unitarian Universalist, with the values expressed in the 7 Principles, UU History, and a UU Identity.
  2. Acquire Religious Literacy about the world’s religions. (Religious Literacy is too large a topic for one year, so we follow a three year rotation: Abrahamic Faiths, Asian Religions, Pagan and Earth-Centered Traditions. 2015-2016 will be our year to focus on Abrahamic Faiths. )
  3. Develop the knowledge, skills, and awareness needed to live in a loving community, including: responsibility, decision-making, conflict management, etc.
  4. All children and youth develop anti-bias understanding and skills

Safety and Nurture

At OUUC, we have Religious Education programs for all ages.

In addition to Sunday morning religious education, we also offer values-based sexuality education classes with the Our Whole Lives program.

The 2016-2017 Religious Education Program

On Sunday mornings you will find:

  • Nursery Care for infants to 4 year olds during both worship services (9:15 and 11:00)

Play and learn

  • Spirit Play, a Montessori-method program, for mixed ages 4-10 at 9:15 and pre-1st grade at 11:00

Explore and Create

  • Labyrinth Learning, a mixed-age multiple learning styles program with stations children can choose from, for 1st-5th grades at 11:00.

Friendship and Support

  • Middle School Group (grades 6-8th), this year exploring philosophy and big ideas with The Twilight Zone, meets at 11:00

Engagement in the Larger Community

  • High School Youth Group meets 12:30-2pm on the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month. First Sundays focus on spiritual practice and community building and third Sundays focus on justice, education, and service.