The Children’s Program at Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation explores UU Identity and History, understanding of other religious traditions, connection with nature, direct experience of spiritual practice and service, and putting values into action. Our blog, The Children’s Chalice, will give you a feel for our programs.

What Sunday Looks Like In the Summer:

  • The Nursery is open from 9-12:20 for children infant-5 years old. It is a mixed age space, staffed by teens. Sign in for nursery care on the clipboard right outside the nursery door.
  • All children are welcome to attend the worship service with their families, and there is a small basket of toddler toys kept in the Commons if you would like to be able to sit there during worship (you can still hear and see most of the worship service from there).
  • In the summer, there is only Nursery care during the 9:15 service, no children’s classes.
  • Children begin in the worship service, for about the first 15 minutes, and then are “sung out” to classes after the Story is told. Parents may walk children back to class, stay with their children in class, or send their children with the teachers directly from the worship service.
  • Before the class begins, children under grade 6┬áneed to be either signed into the nursery or with their families.
  • Sign in for children’s classes on the clipboard to the left of the Sanctuary doors, before entering the sanctuary.
  • In the summer, we have only one class for children, during the 11:00 service. It is called “Rainbow Readers“.

Our full religious education program resumes September 17th, with a Parent Orientation at 12:30pm.

Our Children’s Programs welcome all children to visit, and Visitor Cards will be available to fill out each time you visit. If you know you will come several times this year, please register for the program here.


Religious Education Registration Form: 2017-18 Children's Programs