In the musical Spamalot, The Lady of the Lake urges Arthur to search for the Holy Grail singing:

‘Life is really up to you, you must choose what to pursue.

Set your mind on what to find, and there’s nothing you can’t do-o-o-o!’



The REALM is OUUC’s new comprehensive software that allows members to find their Grail in the wilderness of activities of congregational life. Okay, before you scream, “Run away! Run Away!”, be assured entry into REALM is really very easy – not an insurmountable quest!

You should have received an ‘invitation’ from the Empress of REALM in your email (the email address you use for OUUC) – or you will be receiving one sometime later this month. Follow the link and register with the password of your choice (for example CaMeLoT17) and confirm your registration. Now you are free to enjoy the benefits of REALM. Explore the REALM and find how easy it is to:

  • peg a lovely, new picture of yourself for the Directory and view the online Directory,
  • update and edit your personal information,
  • pick the level of privacy for access to your information,
  • find out about activities in social and committee groups you belong to and join new ones,
  • contact leaders of the Round Table (when they aren’t dancing or pushing prams)
  • set-up your automatic payment plan or track your contributions
  • find your Grail

So, we are wondering what so many of the loyal and hard-working citizens of the OUUC are waiting for? Come along! Join the REALM! For as you know, the Lady of the Lake sings:

‘So keep right to the end.

You’ll find your goal my friend.

You won’t fail!

Find your Grail, find your Grail, find your Grail!’

Okay, but if you should get lost just contact Darlene Sarkela or Bonnie Guyer-Graham for help.

If you’re having difficulty understanding references to Spamalot, contact me and I’ll try to walk, sing and dance you through it.

– Joe Joy

More information available here: Realm