We are a liberal religious community that opens minds, fills hearts, and transforms lives. 

– OUUC Mission Statement



OUUC’S Ministries Structure

Governance Manual April 2016 (updated 2-15-18)

OUUC Bylaws amended April 2017

OUUC Covenant

Board Meeting Minutes

Please note: Because we are in the process of rewriting some policies and procedures, there may be times when it is necessary to refer to the previous version of the OUUC Governance Policy Manual.  In the event of a conflict, the current Governance Policies prevail.


Online Submission Forms:

Expense Reimbursement/Request for Funds

Submit Announcements (How to Get the Word Out)

Calendar and Room Reservation


Downloadable PDFs:

Accident or Incident Report

Building and Grounds Use Agreement

Calendar and Room Reservation

Confidentiality Agreement

Contractor Agreement

Creating a New Group or Activity

Equipment Use Request

Event Publicity Request

Fundraising Event Application

Key- Key Card Issue Receipt

Performance Agreement

Personal Care and Support Record 

Request for Funds

Request for Waiver of Building Use Fees

Volunteer Application

Work Request



Access to OUUC Facilities – Procedure

Accountable Reimbursement for Ministers and Paid Staff – Procedure

Church Closure – Procedure

Collection Barrels in the Commons – Procedure

Endowment Fund – Procedure

Event Sponsorship by OUUC Committees or Programs – Procedure

Expenditure Authorities – Procedure

Financial Operations – Procedure

Handling Uncashed Checks – Procedure

Pledge Fulfillment Follow-up – Procedure

Service Animals in Sanctuary- Procedure

Table Displays in the Commons – Procedure


Caring Friends Guidelines

OUUC Personnel Manual



Realm Illustrated Guide for Members

How to Work with Church Office Staff

Guidelines for Emailing Church Staff

Email List Etiquette

Finding the Missing Mail (what to do if you don’t receive email announcements from the church)

Use of the Church Kitchen

Communications Guidelines



Liberal Leaders Line (helpful tips for church leaders)

Weekly Announcements

The Commons Magazine

Congregational Connections Brochure

Annual Reports



Contact Staff

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