2018 OUUC Stewardship Drive

Would you like to increase your pledge? You can fill out a revised pledge form in the office or online –  or email the Administrator or one of the Stewardship co-chairs, Chris Parke and Jeff Goltz.

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(See other videos in this series here.)

Because we value our congregation, we promise to . . .

enhance its health with our time, talent, energy, and financial resources; and honor our commitments here.

So states the first paragraph of our OUUC Covenant. We hope that all OUUC members and friends can make their commitment for the 2018 OUUC Stewardship Drive as soon as possible, so the OUUC Board can develop a budget for presentation to the Congregation in December. You can pledge online here.

Our theme, “Living Our Covenant” reflects the importance and focus of our interaction with each other and our collective commitment to further UU Principles in the greater community. See our OUUC Covenant here.



Living in Covenant means living in intentional relationships with one another. That means living with integrity to the commitments at the core of our relationships: commitments to one another, and commitments to our highest shared principles and values. Covenantal communities such as OUUC are profoundly counter-cultural, existing in stark and needed contrast to a wider culture that, too often, rewards lives of uncommitted disconnection. Thus, at our best, we are a beacon to others in Thurston County and the South Sound region, shining forth the message that another way is possible to be in community with one another, to build beloved community among each other.

Yet living in covenant requires commitment. It requires our mutual commitments to uphold the particular promises of our church covenant. It requires a strong, vibrant, and healthy congregational life, to support our shared efforts to live covenantally. And it requires the material and financial resources to provide the framework for that strength, health, and vitality – resources that come from us. I look forward to talking with you more about how we can more fully live into our covenant with one another.

     In faith, Rev. Eric Posa



People pledge for many and different reasons. During this year’s Stewardship Drive, a number of OUUC members (and some too young to be members!) recorded their thoughts about OUUC and the Stewardship Drive. These recordings, which will be shown during the Sunday services are available here. See the video link above. Additional videos will be added throughout the pledge drive.

Ideally, people will pledge out of a generous spirit, in an amount that fulfills them. Some like information about the OUUC budget, about what others pledge, and about other metrics to inform their pledge amount.


The OUUC Budget

In preparation for the Stewardship Drive, the Minister and the Church Board, with the assistance of the Finance Committee, work to develop an outline for the 2018 budget. Some budget information is contained in the Stewardship Brochure. After the Stewardship Drive is complete, as required by OUUC By-Laws, the Board will prepare a final budget to present to the Congregation in December.

The 2018 OUUC Budget is in early stages of preparation, however, the 2017 budget is informative about the types of revenues OUUC receives and the magnitude of various categories of expenditures.

The OUUC budget for 2017 is $501,885, with revenues categorized as follows:


Stewardship Drive $439,000
Auction (net after expenses) $23,000
E-sales $12,000
Build use and other fees $8,300
Share the plate (OUUC half) $17,000
Miscellaneous (non-recurring) $2,585


Some specific expenditure items are illustrative:


Personnel (salaries and benefits for minister, RE Director, Music Director, Church Administrator, Custodian, and Bookkeeper) $329,298
Debt service for building $67,917
Dues and other payments to UUA and Pacific Northwest District $23,940
Building maintenance and utilities $18,595
Faith Development (Children and Family Ministry, Adult RE) $7,291
Music and Worship Arts $6,000
Faith in Action (social justice, addiction ministry, Green Sanctuary, social justice gifts (benevolence)* $4,650

*Additional Faith in Action funds were raised at the 2017 OUUC Auction through the “raise the paddle” item.


Most OUUC costs are fixed. These include our debt service, contractual commitments to staff, and our obligations to the UUA and the Pacific Northwest District. For 2018, some of these costs will increase. There will be utility rate increases; the Board wants to raise staff salaries by 3% (after no raise last year) to move staff salaries closer to UUA guidelines, and the Board would like to increase its commitment to Rev. Carol McKinley and the Faith in Action efforts. In addition, there will be costs associated with the search for a new minister. While those can be spread out over the following two years, the Board wishes to allocate at least some of the anticipated $29,000 cost to the 2018 budget.

The Board is not asking for a set percentage increase or a set goal, but potential pledgers should be aware that our needs are increasing, and that budgeting is always a challenge.   


Information About OUUC’s Pledging Members and Friends

OUUC members and friends are generous. In 2017, 237 “pledging units” pledged $440,464. Of these 46 were “friends”; the rest were OUUC members. The mean pledge (counting only those who pledged something) was $1858). Thirteen members waived (pledged $0). Five percent of the pledgers were responsible for 25% of the pledge amount. The median pledge is lower, about $1100. This reflects the fact that pledged amounts vary substantially. In 2017, 68 pledging units pledged less than $600, and 9 pledged $7000 or more.

Historically, OUUC pledgers keep their commitments. The actual revenues received from the pledge drive vary from the amounts pledged by only 1-2%. Of course, every year some cannot make their pledges. However, these generally are offset by people whose increase their pledges or by newcomers to the church who pledge mid-year.


The UUA “Fair Share Giving Contribution Guide”

The UUA has developed a “Fair Share Contribution Guide” that provides suggested levels of pledge support depending on income level and one’s level of commitment “ (supporter, sustainer, visionary, or transformer). Some OUUC members and friends may find that useful in determining their level of pledge support. The Guide is available here.



We all can celebrate a successful Stewardship Campaign and the generosity of our congregation. The Stewardship Committee will sponsor several “special celebrations” that will recognize and especially thank mixed groups of new pledgers, everyone who raises their pledges by 20% or more over their 2017 pledge, and our “most generous” supporters, who indicate they are pledging 5% or more of their adjusted income. You must pledge by October 28 to qualify for your invitation to a celebration!



  • September 24 – Stewardship Campaign “Kickoff”
  • September 24-October 9 – Visiting Stewards contact selected OUUC members and friends by phone and make stewardship visits. (Only some OUUC members and friends will receive a visit, though if anyone wants a visit, contact Jeff Goltz.
  • September 24 and Sundays in October – Short video testimonials shown as part of Sunday service; lists of those who have pledged and campaign progress published as order of service insert.
  • October 28 – Last day to Pledge and qualify for your invitation to a Stewardship celebration!
  • November 12-18 – Celebrations for new pledgers, those who increased their pledges by 20% or more, and our “most generous” pledgers (pledge amounts at least 5% of adjusted gross income).



The easiest way to pledge is to pledge online. You can also drop off your paper pledge form at the church office or the “Living Our Covenant” Stewardship Table in the Commons – or mail the form to the church. Pledge forms will be available after each service at the Stewardship table and the office. Please make your pledge by October 28!



If you have questions, visit the Stewardship Table in the Commons after each service, or contact Jeff Goltz.



Pledge payment options are spelled on the back of the pledge forms. Here are the options:

Please use the method that works best for you.

1- Donate online.

2- Donate by cash or check (through the mail, by dropping off at the office, or by placing in the offering basket on Sunday morning). Checks can be mailed to 2315 Division St NW, Olympia WA 98502.

3- Scan the QR code with your smartphone.

4- Text “OUUC” and “amount” to 73256. Standard text message rates do apply.

Interested in setting up an automatic payment plan? Church members with Realm accounts can do so by logging into their account. If you are not a Realm user yet, please contact the Administrator for more information.



Direct stock transfer*

You can fulfill all or part of your pledge by making a direct transfer of appreciated stock to OUUC. It’s a win-win situation:  on your tax return you can deduct the fair market value of the stocks on the day of your gift as a charitable donation and you avoid paying capital gains taxes because there was no sale. If you wish to pay your pledge through a stock transfer please contact the OUUC Administrator for specific instructions.*

IRA qualified charitable distribution* 

If you are over age 70½ and face Required Minimal Distributions (RMD) from your retirement accounts, you can instruct your IRA administrator to make a donation directly to OUUC that will be counted as part of your minimal distribution. You cannot deduct these “IRA qualified charitable distributions” on your tax return; however, the amount of the transferred donation is not taxable income to you so you may pay lower taxes overall.*

* Please consult your tax professional for advice and further details.