Welcome to the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation’s Member Login page.

1. Members can use the Instant Church Directory to find someone’s contact information.


2. Members can use Realm to see the Realm Directory, find out what’s happening in your groups, give to OUUC, or send a message.

If you do not yet have a Realm account and/or you want to access the church directory, those who are eligible to view the church directory can login to Instant Church Directory:

A) By using the app on your smartphone or tablet. 

This option is very popular with our church members. Email, call or text right from your device. Get more information about the app here.

The app will recognize you by the email address you have listed in the directory. You will be issued a password.

B) On your computer, login into Instant Church Directory.

Create your own login and password. Use this option for quick online access to photos, names, addresses and phone numbers. This online service will recognize you by the email address you have listed in the directory. If it is your first time logging in via the Instant Church Directory website, please register as a new user and create a password.


Realm is now available: a new member login page where you can access the church directory, online giving, church groups, and more – with one login and password.

If you have signed up for a Realm account you can login here
to manage your online giving and see your groups.

The complete church directory is not yet available on Realm.

Everyone who wishes to be in the Realm Directory MUST OPT-IN themselves. HOW?   Change your “Privacy Settings” to allow “Everyone in the Church” to see your contact information. Unlike previous church Directories, you are responsible for choosing whether or not your contact information shows in the OUUC Realm Directory.

Questions answered:

Realm Quick Start Guide: Use this guide to get started with Realm. Make sure your contact information shows up in OUUC’s Realm Directory.

Realm Illustrated Guide for Members: A complete guide to using Realm.

Realm login: Login directly to Realm using your email address and password.

See the Realm page on OUUC’s website for:

Please note:

The Photo and Address Directory is only available to those who are eligible. Those eligible to be listed include members, friends (those who have made a financial pledge), or those who been involved at OUUC for at least six months and have requested to be included.

Those who are listed in the Directory are also assigned to a Neighborhood Group. Neighborhood Groups may be used to coordinate pastoral care needs, disaster preparedness teams, social opportunities, and volunteer recruitment.

The Photo and Address Directory is intended for the personal use of the people listed. Any reproductions, distribution to third parties or business use without the permission of the Board of Trustees is prohibited. Any personal use that is not primarily social and involves mailings also requires OUUC approval.

The Photo and Address Directory is continually updated as new information becomes available, so please check periodically for the latest information.

To make corrections or additions to your directory listing please call or email the church office or fill out the online form.