1) Daylight Saving Time

2) Remembering Those Who Passed

3) Conversations in Transition


Daylight Saving Time – Remember this Saturday night, to set your clocks back an hour and get that extra hour of sleep! Or, instead, you could come to church sleep-deprived, and wait an hour for worship to start – your choice.    🙂

Remembering Those Who Passed – We will have a moment in worship this Sunday, November 5, to remember those who have died in the last year. Though we will recognize in particular, those church members who passed, there will be a time to acknowledge others by name. You also may bring a photo of a loved one who has died in the last year. A table will be available to serve as an altar.

Conversations in Transition – This Saturday, starting at 9:00 am and ending at 12:30 pm, we will hold Conversations in Transition in our sanctuary. (You may arrive a few minutes early for a snack in the Commons area just outside the sanctuary.) We will explore aspects of our church’s history that continue to have an impact on our present, and a series of conversations on current issues from a variety of perspectives. All members are encouraged strongly to attend; childcare will be provided.

There are some documents you may find helpful to read in advance, to provide context for one portion of the discussion. They’re available as attachments to the board minutes for the OUUC Board’s September 14, 2017 meeting; the link is below. While it’d be great to read all 19 pages of the PDF (p. 20 is blank), I understand time is limited for many. The two most useful pieces for this Saturday’s conversation, are a document sent to the board in advance of the meeting (middle of p. 4 through top of p. 9), and the board’s response (beginning middle of p. 15). I look forward to some fruitful conversation on these and other issues relevant to the recent history of this congregation.



In faith,