Searching for your Search Committee – The Board, Leadership Development Team, and Transition Team have started contacting church members about prospective members for your next Ministerial Search Committee (MSC). Every member is welcome to offer feedback on this important process. I just want to say three things about these calls:

  1. Of course, no one is required to offer feedback; if you have no thoughts on this, you can decline the conversations. But I do encourage even those newer or less connected to the congregation to take this call. Even if you feel like you don’t know enough people at the church to know who to recommend, you may have good insights others have not considered into what qualities would be helpful to look for in search committee members.
  2. Also, if you know someone (or you ARE someone) who is newer, or is only involved in a particular area of congregational life, please stay open to the possibility that such a person may work well on the MSC. One important quality is some knowledge of OUUC’s history and culture, but sometimes those engaged more on the margins of congregational life have insights into the congregational culture that long-time lay leaders miss.
  3. One other note: please be patient. Each caller is a volunteer, trying to reach 14 or 15 member households, and have substantive conversations with as many of them who’ll agree to talk. And that’s in between the other aspects of their busy lives. If you haven’t yet heard from anyone, that doesn’t mean you’ve been missed. Let us know if you’ve received no attempts to contact you by, say, the first Sunday in February. Until then, all of our members can rest assured that your input will be sought for this vital next step in the life of our congregation.

Rev Eric Posa