Personal Gratitude… – I am very grateful for the many expressions of care and concern, from so many of you, who’ve inquired about my mother’s health. Many of you know about her health downturn about a month ago, that led to entering hospice care, and my unplanned trip a couple weeks ago down to her home in Fort Worth, Texas to see her and make arrangements for her ongoing care. As I’ve said to many of you who’ve asked, the hospice care has stabilized her somewhat; while she is still nearing the end of her life, she’s now expected to have almost 3-6 months left. (The original prognosis was closer to 3-6 weeks. That was 5 weeks ago.) And we have a plan of care in place, that should have her back in her own home by this coming weekend, receiving home-based hospice care. As an only child with no siblings to help, and with my father long passed, I’m especially grateful to my cousin, who lives across town from my mother, and has taken point on coordinating her care. And I thank all of you for your kindness and understanding.

…and Gratitude for This Church – My thanks as well to the dozens of church members who have met with me over the past 5 weeks, as I’ve gained an initial and diverse set of insights and perspectives into the positives and negatives here at OUUC. (That includes how many aspects of church life are seen as positive by some, and negative by others…just like every other UU church I know.) These perspectives have been vital in my developing a set of proposals – a “Roadmap” for the Interim Ministry period – that I will present to our board at its retreat this coming weekend. After that, I will find ways to share these insights with the congregation as well, as we begin to move forward into this phase of transition in the life of the church. Stay tuned!

In faith,

Rev. Eric Posa