Events This Month: There is a LOT happening this month at church! Here are some highlights of some of the unusual events coming in the life of this church in the next month:

The first has been advertised in our Commons area at church for some weeks now. It’s the special congregational meeting, coming on Friday, October 20. This meeting will be to vote whether to sell our Annex property, located slightly north of our church. If you have more questions about this, members of the board will be available after each service this next two Sundays, in the Commons.

The Sunday following the congregational meeting will be Part 2 of the White Supremacy Teach-In. This congregation held such a teach-in in July; the majority of UU congregations held one in April or May. People of color who are leaders in our national UU community have once again called on congregations to explore, more deeply, the many ways that systemic white supremacy has permeated our culture and our faith tradition, and its consequences. This will be both a worship service and a workshop (running 12:30 – 2:00 pm that day). I look forward to working with Rev. Carol McKinley, and our Religious Educator Sara Lewis, on this service.

Another special event is an opportunity to discuss an aspect of our church that I have found, in my short time with you, to be widely misunderstood: our church governance. The governance model known as Policy Governance functions differently than many people expect church governance to work, and its counter-intuitive elements confuse many and frustrate some. Yet it also has great potential to streamline many aspects of congregational life. On Tuesday, October 24, 7:00-8:30 pm, will be an opportunity to learn more – an initial presentation by me of its principles, strengths, and downsides, followed by extensive Q&A. I’m calling it “Policy What? Governance at OUUC.” All are welcome.

As interim minister, I often host an event in my first 3 months or so of serving a congregation, in which we discuss the history of the congregation. It includes completing a timeline of church history on butcher paper. If this sounds familiar to you, I’m not surprised; your previous interim minister, Rev. Emily Melcher, led a similar event here, three years ago. Because you’ve had such a history review recently, re-inventing that wheel would not serve you well now. Plus, recent events of the last three years since that gathering, have impacted the church significantly. So I invite all members and friends to gather for conversation of recent events, including their legacy. We’ll have some time to consider moments in the history of OUUC that continue to impact it today. Then we’ll focus our time on conversations of recent events, with opportunities to hear from various sub-groups in the congregation, and have time toward the end to process what we’ve heard. This Conversation in Transition will be the first Saturday in November, Nov. 4, from 9:00 am – 12:30 pm. All members and friends are welcome.

There is one other event to note for November, this one on a much more solemn note. Many of you have now heard news of the death of one of our members, Mark Kinzie, late last month. I have now spoken with Mark’s family and can report that they are postponing the memorial service until more of his family living in other states can come to Olympia. But we have now scheduled the memorial service for Sunday, November 19 (the Sunday before Thanksgiving) at 2:00 pm. We are grateful for the opportunity to host, at our church, this celebration of Mark’s life.


  • Oct. 20 – Congregational Meeting to vote on sale of Annex property (Fri. night)
  • Oct. 22 – White Supremacy Teach-In, Part 2 (Sun. 12:30-2:00 pm)
  • Oct. 24 – Policy What? Governance at OUUC (Tues. 7:00-8:30 pm)
  • Nov. 4 – Conversation in Transition (Sat. 9:00AM-12:30 pm)


In faith,

Rev. Eric Posa