Greetings, OUUC. It is good to be with you, finally. My travels to Oympia were long-ranging: between leaving Memphis, Tennessee (site of the previous church I served) the last week of June, and arriving here the day after Independence Day, my wife Suzi and I drove 2,480 miles. We weren’t lost, simply driving across country. It has been a great trip, but after 19 states and one Canadian province, we are glad to have arrived at our new home.

Times of transition like ours offer time to reflect on the changes we are experiencing: what truly is ending, what will continue in a similar way, and what is new to begin. For us, our transition is still in process: a newly-developing housing shortage in Olympia means we have not yet moved into the apartment near Yauger Park, for which we have been approved. (We’re in temporary housing now and expect to move in August 16.) It also means that 95% of our belongings remain in storage, inaccessible to us until we have a more long-term residence into which to move them. The in-between time endures.

Perhaps some of you feel your time of transition has been extended as well, following two recent years of interim ministry and the brief tenure of Rev. Perchlik. I have no doubt that feelings and responses among you are complex and varied. I am thankful to the new Transition Team – Kent Canny, Riley McLaughlin, Jean Phillips, Sara St. Clair, and Polly Taylor – for setting up dozens of meetings with church committee chairs, board members, and other leaders during the month of

August, so I may learn about the many hopes and needs of this church as quickly as possible. Though my schedule will be packed these first couple weeks especially, I will be glad to meet with others of you as well. I look forward to walking with you for this brief but rich time I will serve as your interim minister, as you discern the way forward for the church together.

One other note, about my weekly schedule: I anticipate being in the church office regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Some Wednesdays (to be announced in advance, starting next month) I will hold “Community Office Hours” at a coffee shop or similar location in Olympia or Lacey. Other Wednesdays, and most Saturdays, I will be available by appointment. Friday will be sermon-writing and worship prep day (usually with no appointments), and Monday will usually be my Sabbath day (no appointments, phone, or electronic contact). And on Sundays, I’ll see you in church!


In faith,

Rev. Eric Posa