Vision: A compassionate community assuring equity and dignity.

Mission: Advocating with allies to educate decision makers to create a more equitable justice system.


Justice Not Jails is a coalition of OUUC, the Olympia Friends Meeting (Quakers), Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE) and other contributing participants. The coalition emerged beginning in May, 2013 as a response to the brilliant work of Michelle Alexander in her evocative book “The New Jim Crow.” ¬†After several meetings that committee took on the name Justice Not Jails and grew to into the current coalition.

The group interacts with a wide range of justice staff locally including the corrections system, law enforcement, and the courts. Members attend meetings held in each of these justice arenas and are beginning to serve in advisory capacities. We meet regularly on the third Thursday of the month, and usually at the OUUC church.


We have identified specific goals and objectives to work on and our members determine where they want to be involved. Our goals are listed below. A complete statement of our goals and objectives is contained here: Justice Not Jails Goals and Objectives.

  • Eliminate the disparities based on race in the justice system.
  • Support positive interactions that promote stronger community and increased public safety.
  • Reduce violence that unnecessarily escalates conflicts.
  • Encourage appropriate interventions that route people to medical centers when problems are caused by mental illness or dependency issues.
  • Support integration of jailed individuals back into the community.
  • Keep people out of the criminal justice system as much as possible.
  • Increase public safety by:
    • Increasing opportunities for treatment; and
    • Increasing opportunities for training and skill development

We have focused our efforts so far on the criminal justice system in Thurston County. Our approach is to educate ourselves on issues and to support system changes. We have met with many county and city officials and invited several of them to discuss their concerns at our meetings.

We welcome new members and visitors who would like to help us learn and advocate for change. If you would like more information, please contact Steve Tilley.