The Worship Arts Team are those persons who have chosen to work with the minister in creating the primary worship events of our congregational life, especially as Celebrants on Sunday mornings. In these services, we hope to fulfill the mission of OUUC: to open minds, fill hearts and transform lives. In worship, we celebrate life and give shape to what is of greatest worth in our living.

The Celebrant does not merely read a script or perform mandated tasks. For each service, the music staff, the audio-visual team and the Celebrant are co-creators with the minister or other leaders. Celebrants receive training to polish their verbal communications and presentation skills and have been mentored until ready to take on the full responsibilities of Celebrant.

The Team also plans for and guides a wide variety of services, both those led by our minister, outside guest speakers, and leaders from OUUC.

For more information Contact Worship Arts Team Chair, Neil Marsh.


Do you have a creative idea for worship and would like to lead a service? Please fill out the form below.

Keep in mind: If the speaker(s) were to put the sermon/reflections in one sentence, what would that sentence be? How is the theme meaningful to our congregation and visitors? Where does the theme intersect with the lives of OUUC members and friends, our congregational mission and ends, and/or the UU Principles and Purposes?