OUUC members and friends are known for their hopeful, positive acts that make this world we share a better place. Here are some upcoming and ongoing efforts that all are invited to join and support this week, and into the coming days.



CROP WALK SIGNUP. Each Sunday in April, OUUC. Tom Best, this year’s OUUC coordinator for Thurston County CROP Walk, will be in the Commons Sunday mornings inviting you to participate as a walker or sponsor for this year’s event on May 7th, sponsored by Interfaith Works. Each year on the first Sunday in May volunteer walkers raise funds for local hunger-relief organizations and to fund humanitarian projects around the world.

Be part of OUUC’s walking team!

Sunday, April  9, 12:30 pm, OUUC. WELCOMING CONGREGATION.  Our congregation was recognized as a UUA Welcoming Congregation in 1992. However, in 25 years a lot has changed in our understandings of GLBTQ issues and gender identity. This group will be looking at the UUA’s guidelines for renewal of Welcoming Congregation certification, then begin the process of looking at how we can live out OUUC’s commitment to being an inclusive community for all members and friends who enter our doors.

All who are interested in this process are welcome to join the group in the Youth Room after the second service. Oh, yes – there will be food!


Tuesday, April 11, 1-3 pm, OUUC. STANDING UP TO RACISM. All are invited to attend the regular meeting of this group, which focuses on education and activism around racial injustice.


Wednesday, April 12, 6-7:30 pm, Risen Faith Fellowship. BLACK ALLIANCE OF THURSTON COUNTY MEMBERSHIP MEETING,  OUUC’s Faith in Action Ministry is an Ally Member of the Black Alliance, collaborating with them on many issues. Dr. Karen Johnson, co-founder of the Black Alliance, invites you to join them to learn more about how and where we can work together towards realizing liberty and justice for all in Thurston County.


A focus of the meeting will be increasing community awareness about King County’s evidence-based Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program (an innovative way for helping drug offenders rather than arresting them and putting them in jail), LEAD Thurston County, and the key roles harm reduction strategies and community-involved governance play in implementing a successful LEAD program. Here’s a great story about how LEAD emphasizes justice in the criminal justice system.

Join others from OUUC’s Standing Up to Racism, Justice Not Jails, and Faith in Action Ministry at this meeting. Specific ways each of us can work for criminal justice reform in Thurston County will be discussed.



Thursday, April 20, 6:30-9pm, OUUC. RACE IN FILM. This year-long series continues with parts 2 and 3 of “Many Rivers to Cross,” the PBS series on 500 years of the Black experience in America. Narrated by Henry Louis Gates, the series explores the evolution of the African American peoples’ cultural institutions, political strategies, and religious and social perspectives developed against formidable odds.

The series is cosponsored by the Black Alliance of Thurston County, The United Churches of Olympia, and OUUC’s Faith in Action Ministry. Discussion follows the film; refreshments are served.

Sunday, April 23, 3-5 pm, OUUC. ACLU REPORT ON LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT  FEEDBACK.  Thurston County ACLU looked at local law enforcement practices earlier this year and reported their findings. You are invited to join this meeting to discuss the results.