Welcome to the Member Page, the password-protected section of our website. This page is only available to members and friends who have registered and been authorized to have access. This section allows access to the Photo and Address Directory, Neighborhood Maps and other information not available to other site visitors.

To protect the security of church membership information, you are asked not to share your login and password to this page.

The Photo and Address Directory is only available through this password protected page. Those eligible to be listed include members, friends (those who have made a financial pledge), or those who been involved at OUUC for at least six months and have requested to be included. Those who are listed in the Directory are also assigned to a Neighborhood Group. Neighborhood Groups may be used to coordinate pastoral care needs, disaster preparedness teams, social opportunities, and volunteer recruitment.

The Photo and Address Directory is intended for the personal use of the people listed. Any reproductions, distribution to third parties or business use without the permission of the Board of Trustees is prohibited. Any personal use that is not primarily social and involves mailings also requires OUUC approval.

The Photo and Address Directory is continually updated as new information becomes available, so please check periodically for the latest information.

New: Additional security
The security of your personal information is important to us. In order to provide this additional security, you will first be required to sign into this Member Login section of the OUUC website with your personal password. Then you will need an additional password to open the church directory pdf.

That password is: __________
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