Michele HendricksonIt was in 2009 that I first attended OUUC, drawn to UU because of its values and principles and also by friends who are UU members of other congregations. I was soon involved in the Usher-Greeter Ministry. In 2010, 2011, and 2012 I was a member of the team organizing our Books, Brownies, and Beans event. For nearly three years I served as chair of the OUUC Communications Committee. In 2012-13 & 2013-14 I joined Circle of the Spirits groups and co-chaired a Circle in the second year. With the chair of the Membership Team I co-authored OUUC’s new Path to Membership brochure. Supported by The Rev. Arthur Vaeni, I co-authored curriculum for a new membership class, UU’s Spiritual Heritage from Colonial America:  Love is the Doctrine of This Church, and Thus Do We Covenant. This class is one of four classes offered to persons interested in OUUC membership. Twice a year I teach this first membership class in the close company of three other invaluable team members. Additional activities have included committee membership for Arthur’s Fond Farewell, Emily’s Welcome reception, the Auction 2015 Team, the Membership Team and participation in OUUC’s Dinner for 8 program. I welcome the challenge of serving on the Board of Trustees during a time of change in our congregational life.