We have received this letter from the minister of our Partner Church in Kissolymos, Romania.

Dear Friends!
I am happy to hear that everyone is doing well there.
I am sorry about your pastor’s sudden departure from the congregation, I am sure that this is also part of God’s plan which we must humbly accept. I wish the entire congregation endurance to live through this transitional period.
I am happy and proud to announce that in the meantime our second child, Eszter-Mirjam was born, thank God everyone is happy and healthy.
I met Csongor (the student we have awarded a scholarship for 4 years) in Kolozsvár last week, he was pleased to report that he had submitted his final dissertation which is the second to last step in becoming a pastor. The big final exam is at the end of next month if he successfully passes that he will officially become a pastor starting September. He has done very well during his years of theology so I am sure this will not present a problem for him. You should be the ones to decide what should happen to the scholarship that Csongor had received and that helped him a lot with his studies.
The fate of our church is an interesting question. In the past year with your help we eradicated the outside moisture, and this year we shall concentrate on inside improvements. We will start working on those after the celebration of Pentecost and we hope that we won’t encounter any unanticipated big issues and that we can complete most of the work. Pictures will come after Pentecost is over and we begin work.
In the meantime, we would like to update the roof structure of the pastor’s residence but compared to the church that is a much smaller project.
I am glad that we are able to correspond with each other and hope that we can also personally embrace each other soon. When are you planning your next visit for? We are very much looking forward to it!
We wish everyone the best of health!

With love, Levente, Orsi, Kristóf and Eszter, as well as the Kissolymos congregation