Services and reflections

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October 5, 2014 Winds or Wheels, Cheeks or Cogs? Reflections on Forgiveness
The Reverend Emily Melcher, Interim Minister

A look at the relationship between forgiveness and its twin discipline: apology.

September 28, 2014 The Grace of Receiving
The Reverend Emily Melcher, Interim Minister

Did you weep through your first months of services at OUUC? Has this religious community been a shelter for you in times of struggle? Have your gifts been nourished here? Has your faith deepened? Have you learned something about yourself, others, and your place in the world? Today, we kick off our annual stewardship campaign by reflecting on the nature of receiving.

September 21, 2014 The Learning Community
Sara Lewis, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Our 3rd Principle calls us to Accept One Another and Encourage Spiritual Growth. This acceptance and growth means we are all both teachers and learners, engaged in a learning community that opens us to growth, maturation, and ultimately self-transformation. How can we open ourselves to this deep learning?

September 14, 2014 Into the River
The Reverend Emily Melcher, Interim Minister

At the outset of our Interim Ministry together, we take a look at what it means to surrender our illusions of control, and allow ourselves to be guided by love, rather than fear.

August 31, 2014 Making the Invisible Visible
The Reverend Emily Melcher

This Labor Day weekend, we make visible workers who are often invisible to us. We explore the impact of invisibility on the workers themselves, and consider how our Unitarian Universalist values call us to respond.

August 24, 2014 Finding our way
The Reverend Emily Melcher

What are the tools we use to navigate in the world and how do they differ from what we need to navigate the inner landscape of the heart and spirit?

August 17, 2014 O, Mystery!
The Reverend Emily Melcher

Our new Interim Minister, the Rev. Emily Melcher, has been known to call herself a mystical – or even Pentecostal – humanist. In this sermon, she explores the sustaining and transforming nature of what Unitarian Universalists have called: “Direct experience of the transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces that create and uphold life.”

August 10, 2014 Finding the Holy
The Reverend Carol McKinley

Historically, Unitarian Universalism has been understood by many to be grounded in freedom, reason, and tolerance. While some say that rationality is what they value most in this tradition, many are discovering that our faith also speaks to the mystery of life, responding to the deep human need for hope, compassion, and love.

The Reverend Carol McKinley, an affiliated community minister at OUUC, retired last fall as Coordinator of Washington State Unitarian Universalist Voices for Justice, our statewide legislative advocacy network. She currently serves as a member of the Pacific Northwest District (PNWD) Board and the PNWD Healthy Congregations Team.

August 3, 2014 The Accidental Universe
The Reverend Amanda Aikman

We will explore the way recent discoveries and theories in physics and cosmology affect the sorts of questions human beings ask in religion: questions about the meaning of life, the nature of mortality, the importance of love.

The Reverend Amanda Aikman has served churches in the Pacific Northwest, and now British Columbia, since 1994. She is a playwright, an author, and a joyfulness consultant, helping individuals and groups add joy to their everyday lives. She currently is the consulting minister to South Fraser Unitarian Congregation in Surrey, BC.

July 27, 2014 This I Believe
Helen Henry

Helen Henry, a member of this congregation, will continue our This I Believe series by sharing a Sanskrit verse that has informed her life since her college years. It has supported her through times of family sorrow and helped her face days of challenge. These simple but powerful words remind her to live every day to its fullest.

Helen Henry has served on the OUUC Committee on Ministry since 2011; she joined the Worship Committee last year.

July 20, 2014 Beloved Community: Paths to Salvation
The Reverend Patti Pomerantz

Beloved Community is a way of seeing the world and the promise of Unitarian Universalism. It is designed to help us bring depth to our relationships and to walk toward justice with the broader community. It also gives me hope that meaningful change is still possible. I will reflect on how this process can impact both your individual and your congregational lives.

The Reverend Patti Pomerantz continues to offer spiritual direction through the Interfaith Spiritual Center in North Portland. In September, she will become the Parish Minister at Eastrose Fellowship Unitarian Universalist in Gresham, just east of Portland, OR.


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