Interested in finding out more about our new software? Church member, Pat Sonnenstuhl shares her observations:


I have been Beta Testing Realm and it is quite a nifty addition for our congregation. First of all, our members and friends are listed, with pictures (as desired), just like in the current directory. Once you officially register/sign yourself in, you can update the information you find there. The intention is to integrate the information we have and avoid duplication on a variety of levels. Eventually this will replace the current on line directory. Adding your own picture is easy, and helpful for the other members of the congregation.

You can also control what data you want others to see with your profile. This information is found in your settings and in the info section.  Over on the right on your profile, you will see a list of the groups you are affiliated with. If you join a new group, that would be added to the list.

If you click on one of the groups, you can see a roster of everyone in the group, and make contact with them. If you are the coordinator of the group, you can add names of folks to your group, and invite them to join the group. I found this amazingly easy to do. You can also keep track of how many attend the group. You can see the information about the group, the upcoming events, and save specific documents and resources to your group.

The neighborhood groups are also integrated with your name, and include a map of your area. I think this could be very handy if we need to contact everyone, or provide assistance to others in the group. The roster will provide you with a list of everyone in your group, and a map of your area. You can run your mouse over the red icon there, and see who lives there.

I found the site easy to use, and very intuitive. Once you understand some basics, I think you will find it very useful. Many of us will be on hand to help you, so feel free to ask questions!

Pat Sonnenstuhl


Learn more here: Realm Instructions for New Users