In policy governance, the board is mandated to maintain a linkage or connection between the congregation and the operational organization, that is, the minister and staff. Therefore, in January and February of this year, your board facilitated a series of Linkage Meetings in which approximately eighty congregants participated. The lively discussions about the dreams people have for the future of OUUC helped to formulate ways in which to actualize the Ends chosen by the congregation last year.

Find the results of the discussions here:

OUUC Board — Linkage Meeting Narrative Report

OUUC Board — Linkage Meeting Report — Chart Form

We encourage you to review the results and if you wish, provide further comments and suggestions. We will work with Reverend Thomas and the persons accountable for the ministries in the coming weeks and months as we continue the process of implementing policy governance and making our chosen Ends more specific and actionable.

You can pick up a hard copy of the entire report in the Commons. The report will also be posted on the OUUC Facebook page.

You can leave comments on this page (right column), or by emailing the church office.