For several decades, OUUC has organized a dinner program hosted by individual households. Our purpose is to enable us to get to know one another in a quieter setting than Commons coffee hour. The Small Group Dinners (SGD) program works with a roster of six people. Each month, six different people will be scheduled to dine together. A participant could expect to host a meal at their home once every 3 to 4 months. If a host has room for more than 6 people, the host can invite more people from the Substitute list to complete their table.

You can sign up now as a SUBSTITUTE, or add your name to the Spring 2018 roster.

Twice a year, in December and summer, we open sign-ups to create the monthly dining schedule.

Everyone who wishes to participate Spring 2018 (February – May), should sign up again using the form below. Last day to sign up as a HOST for Spring 2018 is January 17, 2018. This spring, the Host list will be limited to 36 families, so sign up now!

HOST: Those who can commit to hosting a dinner and regularly attending monthly meals, please sign up as a HOST. Let Pat know if you are available to Host as a Substitute, and use the form below.

SUBSTITUTES can sign up anytime. A SUBSTITUTE is someone who would like to participate in Small Group dinners occasionally. A SUBSTITUTE would be called if a regular participant isn’t able to attend, and if the host has room for additional guests. A newly updated SUBSTITUTE list will be updated often.


OUUC Small Group Dinners Sign Up - Spring 2018
Sign up here as a HOST* (you will host 1 or more times in 4 months) or as a SUBSTITUTE (you may be invited to join a dinner when the host has openings at their table). *All those who sign up as HOST will be incorporated into a roster, groups of 6 people who dine together at a time. Every effort is made to make sure you will have the opportunity to dine with different groups of people each month. Thanks for supporting this program. It's a lot of fun, and a great way to meet folks in a small group setting.
The size of the dinner is up to the HOST. 6 people will be assigned to dine together. If the HOST has room to host more people, please add guests off of the Alternate LIst. This gives new folks a chance to meet people in our congregation.


Small Group Dinner Dates

Small Group Dinners will typically take place on the second Saturday of each month. The host has the option of changing the date, and will contact all guests to confirm the date change.

Fall Small Group Dinners are held September, October, November and January.
Spring Small Group Dinners are held February, March, April and May.


Read all about how Small Group Dinners work:

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If you have more questions… Contact Pat Sonnenstuhl or  Carol Williams.