OUUC will soon be using REALM software.

What is REALM?

OUUC has been using a database called Church Windows since 1998.  It has provided the office with access to your contact information and donation records.  But the system was cryptic and outdated, so Realm by ACS Technologies has been chosen to replace it, because of its user friendliness and overall capabilities.

Why is OUUC doing this?

OUUC Staff seek to simplify and streamline all business processes at OUUC in an effort to reduce the time and effort required of staff and volunteers devoted to mundane, repetitive details and communications. Realm offers these kinds of capabilities in many areas of church administration and leadership communication.

What does REALM provide for me as Member or Friend of OUUC?

As a Member or Friend of OUUC, REALM can provide several things:

The ability for you to edit all your contact and family information directly, upload personal pictures to your profile, and the ability to control who at OUUC has access to that information.

An online directory of everyone at OUUC (and their permitted contact information).

A record of contributions you have made to OUUC.  This information is accessible only by you and a limited number of people involved with finances at OUUC.  You will be able to check and see if your contributions are up to date and properly credited to the right funds.  You will be able to print out pledge statements as needed.

A list of all the groups at OUUC of which you are currently considered a member, and visibility of upcoming events related to those groups.

The ability to indicate interest in a new group by direct email to its leaders.

And more!

If you are interested in trying Realm as an individual, or for a committee or group you lead, you can sign up now. Realm will be introduced to the whole congregation early in 2017.

Please contact Darlene Sarkela or Bonnie Guyer Graham for more information.