We seem to be in the midst of change at OUUC. Wim Verhoef announced his departure from the position of Bookkeeper at OUUC. We have hired a new Bookkeeper, Fang Xu.


Fang XuFang Xu (pronounced like Fong Shoe) comes from a small town in Northern China. Twenty years ago, she and her husband came to the United States to chase his academic dreams. Fang has a BS in accounting from Central Washington University and 10 years of accounting experience in the private sector and public service for the Washington State government. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and traveling with her family.


A note from Mary Welsh, Finance Committee Chair:

Thanks to Wim Verhoef for his many years as OUUC bookkeeper and a member of the Finance Committee. He has advanced the transparency and professionalism of our bookkeeping and accounting functions and performed an invaluable service as financial advisor to the Board and the Finance Committee. Through it all, Wim brought joy and cheerfulness to the sometimes thankless job of working with numbers and budgets, and patience for those of us with less experience in church finance. Fang comes highly qualified to the job with her degree in accounting and as a fiscal analyst with the Office of the State Treasurer.  We welcome her and hope that Wim will remain as an advisor to OUUC and our new bookkeeper.


Note from Darlene Sarkela, Congregational Administrator:

I very much appreciate how Wim has managed the job of Bookkeeper over the past 11 years. He certainly made my job easier. He took great care in managing OUUC’s books and was great at responding to questions and helping to solve problems as they arose. His support and expertise have been invaluable to the congregation. He will be missed in that role, but will hopefully enjoy his continuing role as a church member and member of the Finance Committee. I look forward to working with Fang. She will bring her own perspective and expertise to the job. Fang will work mostly at home but will be at OUUC on occasion. Please make her feel welcome.


Note from Wim Verhoef:

I have enjoyed being the OUUC Bookkeeper since December 2005 but it was time to move on so I asked OUUC to find someone to replace me, and I now look forward to other priorities. Being the first OUUC paid bookkeeper, I had the opportunity to set up many processes, such as payroll, staff credit card reports, and a report of the OUUC annual charitable support of external organizations. I enjoyed focusing on transparency in financial reporting, attention to detail, and maintaining the financial health of OUUC.
Going forward I hope to stay engaged by continuing to serve the OUUC Finance Committee as well as providing backup to the new bookkeeper. Also, I expect to free up more time for my always numerous pending projects, such as engaging with trails, music, language, and technology as well as more time for hiking, biking, camping and road trips. And in change, there is always opportunity. So now is a time to re-invent. Who knows what I may yet become?