Field trips! Conferences! Camp! Chaplain Training! Leadership School! These are just a few of the activities our middle and high school youth have engaged with over this last year.

We have a special fund designated to provide scholarships and otherwise make it possible for all our youth to attend field trips, conferences, camps, and trainings. It has been funded through the donations raised at youth fundraiser events such as bake sales and by the donations raised by the youth servers at the auction last year, but anyone can make a donation designated to this fund at any time.

A weekend training or conference usually costs between $100-$200, plus transportation, and week-long trainings often are $400-$500. These life-transforming, learning, faith-developing experiences should be available to all, regardless of ability to cover those costs.

This year scholarships have helped a high school student get trained as a peer chaplain, have helped middle school youth attend the annual Puget Sound MS CON with other UU youth from around the Sound, and helped a high school youth attend the weeklong Goldmine Leadership School. Elizabeth writes about that experience:

“GoldMine for me was such a transformative experience! I met so many amazing people and it deepened my sense of spiritually much more than I could’ve ever expected. It was such an intimate and informative experience, and the people I met were such compassionate, dedicated people! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of peers or staff! I learned so many skills that allowed me to become a better leader and a better follower. For the first time ever, I had the opportunity to participate in planning and holding a worship with my team! It was an amazing experience that I would definitely suggest to anyone looking to become a better leader!”

Thank you to all who have supported this fund and youth like Elizabeth.