Beginning the search for a new settled minister

On December 10, 2017, your board of trustees convened a congregational linkage session to discuss the upcoming search process for OUUC’s new settled minister. The meeting, open to all who wished to attend, was the second in the board’s newly-established series of congregational linkage meetings, held after the second service on Sunday mornings. Many in the congregation participated in this meeting, as did all members of the board and the Rev. Eric Posa.

The first step in the meeting was distribution and discussion of the document The Search for a Settled Minister: Important Information for the Congregation. That document quoted the OUUC bylaw that outlines the process for establishing a ministerial search committee and discussed the roles of the congregation, board, and ministerial search committee, as well as important timelines in the search process. You can see that document here:  OUUC — The Search for a New Settled Minister

Those at the meeting then had the opportunity to ask questions, to comment, and to express suggestions and concerns about the upcoming search. Everyone who wished to speak had the opportunity to do so, and their comments and concerns were recorded to be available as a reference. The notes recording those comments can be found here: OUUC — 12-10-17 Linkage Meeting on Search Notes

What happens next? – In January or February, all members of the congregation can expect to receive a phone call asking you for your recommendations for membership on the ministerial search committee. Those calls will come from your leadership development team, transition team, and members of the board of trustees. We will ask you to reflect carefully about the qualities needed in our search committee. Your suggestions will be noted and tabulated, and your input reflected in the final determination of search committee members by the board.

Look for a special e-mail on January 15 with further information and questions to consider as you ponder your recommendations for members of the search committee. Please give us your input and participate in this important process!