When the congregation met last October, with Laura Park, from Unity Consulting, we shared stories which spoke to our experiences of the holy and described what it was that made those times special. It was sometimes difficult to put into words the heartfelt experiences that filled us with awe, but we did conclude with quite a list of value words that helped us understand them.

You may remember that the Board shared a Word Cloud that illustrated the most used adjectives in describing what we value as a congregation. The most often repeated word was “connection”. We believe that connections, whether made within each person, among us as a group or beyond us into the wider community, are always present in experiences of the holy.

One part of our new policy governance model is called “Linkage”. It is another way of describing connection and speaks to the process of the linking up that takes place throughout the structure of OUUC.  It is a process that needs participation from all of us in as many ways as possible. Individually, we have many opportunities to connect with ourselves, through our Worship Services, classes and the shared ministries that keep us growing. These are also opportunities to connect with others as well, and sometimes we are asked to stretch beyond our comfort zone to include those beyond our walls.

Policy Governance especially charges the Board to be mindful about establishing good linkage with the congregation, the minister and members of staff. As we move forward with our new minister in the months ahead, the Board will be determining how to best meet our obligations in this area and we will be encouraging input from the congregation.

Lorrie Eaton, Board of Trustees