A big warm “Thank You” to all of those who took the time to join the Board in discerning the future of OUUC. Approximately eighty people attended the Four Linkage Meetings and the discussions were spirited and informative, especially for your Board. For those unable to make a meeting, the process used is outlined below.

  1. We began with this question “What is your heart’s desire for OUUC on a personal level and congregational level?”
  2. After gathering as many ideas as time allowed, similar ideas were combined by each group.
  3. Then each agreed upon idea was rated as 1,3,5, indicating the importance and interest it held for each individual. The ideas were also connected to the Ends represented and the Ministries they would come under.
  4. The Linkage Team (a subcommittee of the Board) has sorted all the ideas from all four groups into similar categories. We began with ten groupings and have integrated them into five categories and a few subsets. This is an interim report on a work in progress, so the groupings could still change as we go along. Our next focus is on paring down the numbers by selecting those to which the groups gave the highest priorities. We will retain the designated Ends and Ministries as well.

The Linkage Team has two more meetings planned in March, on the 10th and the 21st, to finalize our report to the Board as a whole.

The entire Board will be meeting twice in March, on the  9th and the 22nd.

– Lorrie Eaton for the Board of Trustees