Frank Turner approached me one Sunday about a month ago saying, “I am very interested in helping settle an immigrant family and I am wondering where to begin.”  I started to answer by saying that I knew others were interested in that as well, and before I could add any more Frank said, “I was thinking I should talk with Rev. Carol McKinley.”  I was a bit surprised that he had already figured it out and was only asking for corroboration.  It really was especially nice to be able to say, “Frank, that is exactly where I would start.”

Where do I go for what?  This seems to be one question that many in our congregation are asking.

Are you aware that OUUC recently underwent a major transformation in how we are organized?  If not, you may find yourself lost if you are not familiar with the new Ministries Structure (and maybe even if you are).  You can check out our current structure here.

Helen Henry recently received an email from Karmel Schields saying she was going to the Faith in Action committee to see about sign-ups to get people to start a new crew for the 5th Friday, at the Community Kitchen (Salvation Army) where we already help out on the 3rd Friday every month.”  Karmel could have started with Darlene Sarkela who, as head of the new Resource Ministry, is responsible for facility management.  Since Karmel knew Carol McKinley had already arranged for a weekly Faith in Action Ministry table in the Commons it was more appropriate to go directly to her. Let’s have you decide on a few possibilities.

What if someone posed the question:

“Where do I go with my idea for an adult education class?”  

What if you would like to be an usher or a greeter?

How does one get on the Caring Friends Listserve?

How would you go about reserving a classroom?

Where would you go to get answers to your questions about the OUUC budget?

See possible answers below.

On a separate topic, this coming weekend the Board will again play host to Laura Park of Unity Consulting who has been working with us for the past year and guiding us through the process of Policy Governance. One of the important topics will be Linkage.  Boards engage in Linkage to build relationships, create the future, clarify values, be accountable and to educate the members, to whom it is responsible.  Implementing the new information and insights we gain will be a process in which the Board will be engaged over the next several months, but I plan to put out a Board Line about what we learn from the retreat as soon as possible

Here are the answers to the five questions above.  How did you do?

Adult Religious Education comes under OUUC’s Faith Development Ministry.  Sara Lewis is the accountable person and Anne Rockway chairs the Adult Ed committee.

The Sunday morning Hospitality Teams come under The Community Life Ministry.  The accountable person is Bonnie Guyer-Graham.

Bonnie also would be the person to contact about the Caring Friends Listserve.

Classrooms fall under the purview of the Resource Ministry.  Darlene Sarkela is the accountable person for that ministry.

Our budget is published on line, however if you have a particular question, financial management is the responsibility of our minister, The Rev. Thomas Perchlik, in his role as the OUUC Executive.  You might also find an answer to your question from a member of the Finance Committee.

If this article prompts any particular questions, I invite you to use the “Comment” section to the right of it on the blog page.  We would be happy to hear from you and we will do our best to answer you quickly.

I also remind you that your Board meets every second Thursday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm and is open to everyone.  The Agenda is published in advance online. The next meeting is December 8.


Lorrie Eaton, for the OUUC Board