Linkage: Whatever does that mean? How does it relate to policy governance? How will we, as a congregation, actually “doo” it?

Here are some dictionary definitions to help us on our way.

Link: a relationship between two things or situations, especially where one thing affects the other; connection, relationship, association, linkage, tie-up

Linkage:  means “connection”- specifically the kind of connection where one thing follows the other, as if in a chain. A connection or relationship; an association.

 You will note that both definitions use the word connection, the most often suggested word in the Word Cloud constructed after we did the Nested Bowls Workshop with Laura Park last February, when we were defining our values. Relationship and Association are also mentioned more than once. So Linkage is all of those things and, I think, even more.

For me, Linkage denotes that what we will be about is not a one-way street of the Board communicating with the Congregation. It implies an invitation and a responsibility by both the Board and the Congregation to fulfill their part of the deal. Everyone could be involved in the process over the next several months by attending Congregational Meetings, Focus Groups and possibly other presentations, as well as answering survey questions and reading as much information sent out by the Board as possible. Personally, I have always thought that I only get out of any endeavor that which I put into it. So please, jump aboard!

Your Board is hopeful that each member of the Congregation will engage with us over the next few months to help determine our future. A possible  theme might be “Creating the Future Together”. In future editions of The Board Line we will look at the process of Linkage in more depth and discuss some of the additional topics we covered in our 10-11 hour workshop last weekend.

Yo let’s link up! * 

– Lorrie Eaton, for the Board


*Urban dictionary: “Link up means to get together, Yo let’s link up!”