NOTE: After this was published the Special Congregational Meeting was changed to October 20.


At its August 10 meeting, the Board of Trustees reviewed and discussed the draft Annex Sale Subcommittee’s report for the second time. It was accepted as revised and a Special Congregational Meeting scheduled for 7:00 pm on Friday, September 8, preceded of course by our traditional sweet and savory potluck starting at 6:30 pm. The sole purpose of this meeting will be to enable Congregation members to discuss and vote on the recommended sale of the property. See the ANNEX Sale Subcommittee Report.

The Annex Sale Subcommittee consisted of Jerald Dodson, Don Melnick, and John Tafejian. Their work grew out of the work of a congregation Task Force that earlier this year had extensively studied alternative uses of the property. The Board had then made Task Force study results available to congregants who when informally surveyed favored sale of the property. Soon thereafter the Annex Sale Subcommittee was empowered and directed by the Board to study in depth sale of the property.

Beyond the Subcommittee’s reasoning for recommending property sale the Board concluded that:

  • the property is not supporting our Congregational Ends since it is no longer capable of responding “…to the needs of a changing congregation and world”
  • proceeds from the sale can be used to address our Ends in other more effective ways
  • the property is currently costing us in excess of $5,000 a year for utilities, basic maintenance, security, and taxes plus untold hours of Building and Grounds volunteer time to keep the place functional
  • the cost of rehabilitating the property would exceed $41,000 for foundation settlement repair, a new roof and other miscellaneous repairs now needed

Presuming the property is sold, before making its decision on the use of the resulting revenues, the Board anticipates consulting the Finance Committee, the Minister and members of our Congregation for input.


How Can You Learn More Before our September 8 Special Congregational Meeting?

  • Study the Subcommittee’s report available online
  • On two Sundays, August 27 and September 3, between first and second service, stop by the LEARN ABOUT THE ANNEX table in the Commons. One or more Subcommittee members will be there to answer any questions you have about their report.
  • By appointment tour the Annex with a Subcommittee member. Contact John, Jerald or Don to schedule an appointment
  • Review the report Appendices containing backup documentation available at the Church Administrator’s office during normal office hours
  • Consult a Subcommittee or Board member anytime

Don Melnick, Vice President