What decisions will the congregation make regarding the future of OUUC’s property on the hill, aka the Annex? After a number of meetings and a good deal of research and discussion, the Annex Task Force (Harmon Eaton, Carolyn Keck, Tim Ransom, Steve Tilley, and Alice Curtis, with valuable assistance from Linda Whitcher, Jerald Dodson and Don Melnick), submitted to the Board various options for the future of the Annex. The Board of Trustees met with task force members to discuss and ask/answer questions about those options and unanimously voted not to consider one of the options because it was not fiscally feasible. The remaining options (as well as the one eliminated from consideration) and the task force analysis of the pros, cons, and further research necessary for each, will be available to the congregation on Sunday, May 14, both on the website and in paper form in the Commons and in the Wednesday, May 17, e-blast (newsletter).

Your OUUC Board and the Annex Task Force cordially invite OUUC members and friends to participate in information and discussion sessions to be held Friday, May 19, at 7:00 pm; Sunday, May 21, at 12:30 pm; and Monday, May 22, at 7:00 pm. At these meetings, members will be asked to consider thoughtfully the various options for the property and how those options will affect both OUUC’s Ends and the financial health of the congregation. Members of the task force and the Board will be available at each of the meetings to answer questions and provide information. At the close of each meeting, those in attendance will be asked to rank their preferences in an advisory ballot. The rankings will be tallied after all three meetings have been held, and the results will be provided to the congregation soon thereafter. The Board will then proceed with further investigation of the viability of the option that received the most first-choice rankings. A further report with the results of that investigation will be provided to the congregation. In the event that the selected option involves selling or divesting ourselves of the property, a congregational meeting will be called for a vote on such action.

Options for Annex 5-12-17