Family Ministry Team (FMT) members met recently for our Annual Retreat.  Fueled by friendship, refreshments, and sunshine we gathered to evaluate our efforts over the past year.  We had some guiding questions prepared in advance by our DRE facilitator Sara Lewis.  Our process is a creative one and together, we came up with some good answers to the following questions:

  • What Went Well This Year?
  • What Challenges Did the Congregation Face in Meeting the Needs of All Ages?
  • What Lessons were learned this year?
  • What should we focus on improving in the future?

The full minutes to our meeting can be found here for those who want a more complete picture of our discussion. In summary, we as a team, agree that OUUC programs offer a wide variety of programs for children and families.  Newcomers, long-timers and sometimers all have opportunities to participate as much or as little as we wish.  All are welcome.  The FMT set some goals for ourselves and outlined some areas of interest to delve into in the coming year.

Our 3 big goals are:

  • Keep doing more of what we are good at
  • More Intergenerational Mixing
  • Try alternate ways to get more stakeholder voices at the table

This 3rd goal is one that we are continually working on and this blog post is one way of inviting your participation in our efforts. Whether you have a though to share, an idea, time, talent… we would love to hear from you!

And finally, we crafted the following job description for ourselves– Family Ministry job description: listen to the diversity of stakeholders, taking note of their needs and interests and ideas, report back to the team, reflect together, do the visioning work, and communicate that vision to those doing the work (DRE and project teams) and back to the stakeholders.

Your FMT is comprised of Tiffany Felch- Chair, Trish Kelso-Wright, Karen Ahrens, Elizabeth Miller and Sara Lewis- DRE.  Please speak to any of us regarding the Family Ministry Team, and by all means, come join us to see what all the fun is about!  Our next meeting will be in September.

Tiffany Felch, FMT Chair