On Sunday, July 23rd, OUUC held its White Supremacy Teach-In

More than 50 people ranging from teens to elders attended. Participants broke into small groups to discuss the characteristics of white supremacy culture described by Tema Okun: http://cwsworkshop.org/PARC_site_B/dr-culture.html

All were challenged to think about how these characteristics are true for OUUC, and discussion was lively. The group then captured some ideas of actions, or antidotes, that we might take:

  • Focus on Good, Rather Than Perfect
  • Develop a send of Good Enough
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Be welcoming of difference in style, ability
  • Practice acceptance and tolerance
  • Give affirmation for efforts
  • Ask “why” is something seen as urgent?
  • See who is most vulnerable, and go at that speed
  • Ask what needs are present, then act
  • Consider complexity of issues, and sit with discomfort (not rush to solutions)
  • Practice curiosity
  • Listening
  • Respect
  • Recognize personal and communal “triggers” and do the work to become less reactive
  • Disagree with tolerance and respect
  • Focus on impact, not intention
  • Listen for commonality
  • It doesn’t have to all get done now; we can take small steps
  • Remember not everything can be measured
  • Focus on quality, not quantity
  • Recognize there are different ways to reach conclusions/answers
  • Focus on accessibility
  • Affirm the dignity of all and strive to balance needs
  • Apply energy to solving problems
  • Look at how we live our covenant with these points in mind
  • Consider revisions to our covenant
  • Create environment where difficult issues can be raised and discussed