The Reverend Eric Posa is serving as OUUC’s Interim Minister.

Born and raised in Texas, the Rev. Eric Posa was ordained in 2005 in the Denton (Texas) Unitarian Universalist Fellowship where he found his UU faith and community in 1994 and discerned his call to ministry. He is a graduate of Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University.

Of his call to ministry the Rev. Eric Posa says, “Soon [after joining the Denton UU Fellowship], I was thinking about ministry. I began putting together my seemingly disparate drives—to think and teach, comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable—into a coherent call to preach and inspire religious reflection, offer pastoral care to those in need, and engage in prophetic work in the larger community.”

Since ordination, the Rev. Posa (Eric, if you ask) found his niche in interim ministry. Of his interim ministry style, the Rev. Posa says, “My own approach to interim ministry emphasizes listening and relationality. Rather than foolishly rushing into prescribing some one-size-fits-all solution to a congregation’s needs, I always take the first few weeks of my ministry with a congregation to hear the multiple viewpoints and unifying themes of church members and leaders. Then, as a clearer picture emerges of the strengths and needs of the particular congregation, I initiate with the congregation those specific strategies with the greatest potential to meet that set of needs and build upon the relevant strengths. Increasingly, the principles and techniques I’ve studied in community organizing have informed and deepened this work. In all this, I strive ever to remain mindful of the relational and systemic dynamics at play in the life of the congregation, always ready to make mid-course corrections as needs arise.”

The Rev. Posa is actively engaged in the wider District, Regional and National UU denomination and is highly regarded by his peers and the congregations he’s served.