“Reflections on Mortality” – Ann Yeo

The poet Dorothy N. Monroe said, “Death is not too high a price to pay for having lived. If choice there were, I would not hesitate to choose mortality.” Of course, we don’t have the option to choose mortality. Sooner or later, death comes to all of us. But we do have choices:  How do we live so that our lives are worth dying for? And, knowing that we will die, how do we prepare for that inevitability? This Memorial Day weekend, we will remember those who have passed from this life before us; and we will think about choices we can make as we face our own mortality.

Ann Yeo is a member of OUUC, a former member of our Worship Committee, a volunteer with Providence Hospice, and our volunteer Parish Nurse.


 Services at 9:15 and 11:00 am.